BMG709: Project Development and Operation

This module provides learners with an opportunity to develop their project management and research skills by developing a project where they plan and implement a new product, service or process.

As the rate of change escalates, it is important for organisations to not just hold their place in the market but to plan to move ahead. This module recognises the importance to managers.

The purpose of this module is to give learners an opportunity to integrate all the knowledge from their programme of learning by developing a project in which they plan and implement a new product, service or process.

This module could follow on from Research Methodology, where a research question is formulated and researched. The fact that there are two modules on research and project development and implementation in this specification recognises the scale of work required to develop and implement a sound project. Learners can take either module without the other, but may find it necessary to start with Research Methodology if they have no experience of research methodology.

Learners need to take a full and active role in all aspects of the project, and the selection of an appropriate management issue is crucial to success. Learners will cover a full range of management activities and roles, including resource and people management and implementation of change. The result needs to be a substantial report in a style appropriate for consideration by senior management.