STRM044: Business Research Project

In the current international economic environment managers are frequently required to undertake project work in addition to their core responsibilities.  Frequently these projects are focused upon investigating new opportunities or potential strategic changes in order to retain and extend competitive Xem thêm

MKTM033: The Entrepreneurship Report

Successful businesses compete through identifying new opportunities before their competitors and developing new products and business ventures at an early stage. Managers today must be innovative in their thinking, their proposals and their actions. Ambitious managers today must be entrepreneurial.  Xem thêm

ACC707: Accounting and Finance

This module provides the learner with the skills to apply financial principles relevant to strategic management in an organisational context, including forecasting, capital appraisal, budgeting, financial appraisal and analysis. Organisations operate in a very competitive and continually changing environment where Xem thêm